Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cade-6 Months

Cade had his 6 month shots today and he was pretty good. The fact that he is more aware of his surroundings made it worse though. He cried like he got his feelings hurt. That makes me so sad. In other news, he has started clapping. I give most of the credit to Baby Einstein's First Moves. Every time they clap on it he is in his little chair clapping along. He won't clap on cue for me yet though. He has been so sweet lately and has just been so much fun. When Brandon and I got back from the lake on Saturday morning, he kissed all over my whole face like he just missed me so much. It was sweet.

No Tubes...yet

Well, we went to the ENT Dr on Tuesday and we now have Cade on a month long antibiotic. If he gets an ear infection during the antibiotics or after, he will have to get tubes. Fortunately for us, he is still acting very happy and not like he is sick at all. I'm hoping he won't get any more infections and we'll be home free. We'll see...